The New England Journal of Medicine, on Monday, released the results of a study that supports the heart health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.

The study compared 3 groups over about 5 years. One group was given olive oil supplements, another group supplemented their diet with walnuts and almonds, and the third group, the control group, was advised to eat a low fat diet.

The two groups following the Mediterranean style diet of more nuts and olive oil reduced their risk of heart attack, stroke or death attributed to cardiovascular disease by almost 40% compared to the low fat group.

This study supports most everything I’ve read recently. It seems that dietary fat is not so much the cause of heart disease as we’ve been led to believe. Fruits and vegetables, nuts and beans, olive oil and red wine. These are all heart healthy foods. Sugar, fast food, and processed foods are unhealthy. Fatty foods like red meat are probably just fine in moderation.

Check this article for more information on the Mediterranean diet.

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