NOTE: This post was written in 2013 but has been revised and updated several times since.

6 months ago I opened the letter from my clinic and saw the results of my blood test. My cholesterol was 243. That’s high. Medication is often recommended for a cholesterol level above 240. So now I knew I had to do something.

I had just been in for a routine physical exam. I knew my cholesterol could be a little high. 2 years ago it was 203 which is borderline high.

With my level now at 243 my doctor recommended I try to lower my cholesterol naturally with diet and exercise. Then, after trying that, if my cholesterol was still high I would be advised to go on cholesterol lowering medication. I did not want that. So I started researching about how to lower my cholesterol without medication.

Lowering My Cholesterol – Getting Started
The most common advice is to eat less fatty foods and less junk food. Eat more fruits and vegetables. And of course get more exercise.

Most people already know these things. But there were a few new things I learned.

I didn’t really know what trans fat was. Sure I’d heard of it. You see the labels on all kinds of grocery store items claiming “0 grams trans fat”. Trans fat is probably the worst thing you can consume. It’s pretty well accepted by everyone that it’s not good. It raises cholesterol levels. Actually it raises the level of bad cholesterol and lowers the level of good cholesterol. Trans fat is unsaturated fat that has been partially hydrogenated. A lot of products contained trans fat in the past. It has been taken out of many products. But it’s still around. French fries from many restaurants may be cooked in oils that contain trans fat. It’s also found in commercially sold baked goods like cookies, cakes, chips, and donuts.

I had no idea that sugar could cause heart disease. I thought it was just fatty foods and lack of exercise. More about this in a minute.

I hadn’t really thought about processed food being bad. The more I learned the more I discovered it to be true.

I couldn’t remember which was the bad cholesterol and which was the good. I know, I was pretty out of touch with this! HDL is the good cholesterol and LDL is the bad cholesterol. This is a simplification though. It’s more complicated than that.

I started looking for the best information I could find about lowering my cholesterol. I found many good sources on the Internet including WebMD, Wikipedia, the Mayo Clinic website, and the American Heart Association website. There’s more information about heart disease than you need.

I also stumbled upon some new ideas. I found a book by Dr Dwight Lundell, a heart surgeon of 25 years. And another book by Dr Stephen Sinatra and Dr Jonny Bowden, another heart surgeon and a nutritionist. They all claim that sugar is more harmful than fat and cholesterol. This topic is a little controversial and new studies are revealing new ways of thinking about preventing heart disease. The basic theme is that cholesterol is not as bad as everyone says. In fact it’s very important to have enough of it.

Foods To Avoid
Sugar. Deserts. Ice cream. Cookies. Candy. Anything with sugar I try to avoid. This is not as difficult as you might think. Dark chocolate is actually a healthy choice that is recommended. As long as it’s at least 70% cocoa. There are many fruits that are sweet tasting too.

White bread should be avoided. I’m even getting to the point of avoiding wheat bread because there is apparently evidence that wheat is bad for you.

Red meat is often blamed for causing bad health. But I don’t totally avoid it. I try to eat the leaner meats like 93% fat free hamburger. I still enjoy a steak once in a while. A hamburger is fine too. I’m more resistant to eating the bun than the meat.

Foods You Should Eat
Blueberries are high on the recommended list. They contain antioxidants and can be very beneficial for heart health.

Oat meal. This is probably the biggest change I made in my diet. I eat a bowl of old fashioned oat meal every morning. The flattened kind. My wife likes the steel cut oatmeal which is not flattened and even more healthy because it’s retains more of it’s nutrients. Add blueberries to the oatmeal and you have a very healthy breakfast. Oatmeal is high in soluble fiber too. Studies have indicated that it can reduce cholesterol. NOTE: I have not been eating oatmeal for a few years because it can cause blood sugar to rise according to Dr William Davis (Wheat Belly Book). Even though it’s promoted as low glycemic and heart healthy.

I no longer drink orange juice. In the first year or two when I was trying to lower my cholesterol I would drink a large glass of so called “heart healthy” orange juice every morning. Along with a big bowl of oatmeal with blueberries (blueberries are good). The orange juice container even had a picture of a heart on it and boasted about how “heart healthy” it was. The orange juice would raise my blood sugar quite a lot, especially a large glass. No more orange juice!

Fruits, vegetables, and nuts. I’ve eaten more apples and bananas during the past 6 months. I’ve also eaten more almonds, walnuts, and other kinds of nuts. Almonds and walnuts are two of the more nutritious nuts. You’ll find almonds on most lists of heart healthy foods. Avocados and olive oil are also on most heart healthy food lists. I try to use them as often as I can.

Fish Oil. This is one of the most beneficial supplements for heart health. Fish, especially salmon, is high in omega 3 fatty acids. Most Americans do not consume enough omega 3. We get too much omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 6 is commonly found in vegetable oils which has been promoted as a healthy alternative to animal fats. Some research now suggests that replacing animal fats with omega 6 vegetable fats may increase the risk of heart disease. So, omega 3 from salmon and sardines, or from fish oil supplements, is good for your heart.

Vitamins and minerals.
I hit a dead end when trying to find the best quality multivitamin. I searched the internet and found several websites that claimed to review them. But the reviews were also sponsored and didn’t appear to be honest and objective. Making sure the content of a multivitamin matches the label on the bottle is important. But the quality and amount of each ingredient is also important. I think that finding a quality multivitamin is a good idea. But I don’t have any recommendations on which brand is best.

This is the one I’ve been most resistant to. I don’t really enjoy exercising. But I found a solution that works for me. I run up the stairs in my house about 30 times. It’s only about a 15 minute workout. I don’t have to leave home. I don’t have to even change clothes. I just do it and I’m done. It’s good enough to get me winded and get my heart beating fast.

The Cholesterol Test 6 Months Later
I really didn’t know what to expect when I got my cholesterol checked again. I figured I made some improvement but it was only a guess on what the numbers would be. I opened the letter with the lipid panel results and found that my total cholesterol was 199. Wow, I was glad to see that. From 243 to 199. From high to acceptable. Borderline high is considered 200-240. Above 240 is high.

But I had to look closer at the specific types. LDL was now at 132. It had been 161 six months ago. HDL went from 54 to 44. Triglycerides went from 141 to 116. Everything was improved except HDL. HDL is the good kind of cholesterol so a high number is better.

Total Cholesterol to HDL Ratio
Some say this is a more accurate indicator than the simple total cholesterol number. According to an article on the WebMD website a ratio of 3.5 to 1 is good. A ratio of 5 to 1 is bad. Higher is worse. My ratio went from 4.5 to 4.53. So it’s actually a bit worse than it was before even though my total cholesterol is much lower.

Triglycerides to HDL Ratio
According to Dr Jonny Bowden this is a better indicator than the total cholesterol number. My ratio went from 2.6111 to 2.636. A good number is 2. A bad number is 5. The closer to 2 you can be the better. So my ratio is not bad but it worsened a bit since 6 months ago.

C Reactive Protein
According to Dr Dwight Lundell this test is as good an indicator for coronary artery disease as LDL or possibly better. My result was .3 which is good. Anything below 1.0 is low risk for heart disease. Anything above 3.0 is high risk. I did not have this test done 6 months ago so I don’t know if it changed for me. I feel pretty good about my number being .3.

LDL Particle Size Test
This test had to be done at another lab because my local clinic does not perform this one. There’s a lot of details here and it gets beyond the scope of my knowledge. Basically the test measures the amount of large LDL particles and small LDL particles. It also measures HDL and VLDL (very low density lipoproteins). The large particles are harmless and the small particles are harmful. I don’t know what affects the particle size or how you go about making improvements here. I’ve read that this is genetic and may be difficult to change naturally.

Going forward I’ll continue exercising as much as I can stand it. I know you have to keep it fun or it won’t continue. Exercising is important though and it helps improve HDL.

Avoid the bad foods, eat the healthy foods, and take some quality supplements. Avoiding fast food and processed food may be one of the main things that helped improve my cholesterol level. Avoid white bread and most wheat products. Avoid or cut back on pasta. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Cook with extra virgin olive oil. Take omega 3 fish oil supplements with DHA and EPA. Take a quality multivitamin pill and baby aspirin daily (if it’s OK with your doctor).

For more information about how to lower cholesterol read some of my other articles.

We’ll see where this takes me. The next cholesterol test will tell. In 6 months I’ll have that answer.

UPDATE April 13, 2018
It’s been over 5 years since I wrote this. I’ve had my lipids checked a few more times since. So here’s the results:

Cholesterol: 243
Triglycerides: 141
HDL Cholesterol: 54
LDL Cholesterol: 161

APRIL 2013
Cholesterol: 199
Triglycerides: 116
HDL Cholesterol: 44
LDL Cholesterol: 132

Cholesterol: 195
Triglycerides: 70
HDL Cholesterol: 55
LDL Cholesterol: 119

Cholesterol: 215
Triglycerides: 93
HDL Cholesterol: 52
LDL Cholesterol: 136

Cholesterol: 216
Triglycerides: 104
HDL Cholesterol: 55
LDL Cholesterol: 130

Date Tot Chol Triglycerides HDL LDL
Oct 2012 243 141 54 161
April 2013 199 116 44 132
Feb 2017 195 70 55 115
Jan 2018 215 93 52 136
Feb 2019 216 104 55 130


I’m mostly in the acceptable ranges for the individual readings. Acceptable ranges are:
Cholesterol: 0-200 MG/DL
Triglycerides 60-150 MG/DL
HDL Cholesterol: 40-59 MG/DL
LDL Cholesterol: 0-130 MG/DL


  1. Yolanda on September 30, 2019 at 11:30 pm

    I would like to thank you all for this very encouraging information. I am on my way to losing weight and reducing my Cholesterol numbers thanks to all of you. Good luck everyone


  2. Lemon on May 14, 2019 at 2:13 pm

    Thanks for all that. I knew most. But i got woken up again after i read your story here.
    I am doing the same as you to avoid those
    bloody statins.
    Now going to try tumeric.
    For 3 month.
    Exercise more and i have avoided tons of bad food.
    All good. But you inspired me

  3. Rasa on August 9, 2018 at 5:19 am

    Im 36 yr old, female, my cholestrol has always been on the border line and 2 months back I was shocked to see my test results, having a total cholestrol of 277 mg/dl (high)

    LDL – 176 mg/dl
    HDL – 56 mg/dl

    I changed my diet pattern, oats and fruits for brekfast, salat for lunch, in between I had nuts (almond/cashews) and fruits for dinner I had something tasty and fills my stomach (like whole grams, grilled chicken, also cut down sugar, white bread, butter etc, stopped drinking coffee, started jogging (2-3 times a week for about 30 – 40 mins), incorporated walking on the way to work/home. I would go for a brisk walking after dinner for about 30 mins.

    Checked cholesterol follow up again after two months and results seems to be satisfying. I’m on the right track.

    Total cholesterol – 205 mg /dl
    LDL – 130 mg/dl
    HDL – 46 mg / dl

    I don’t understand why my HDL dropped from 56 mg /dl to 46 mg /dl ?I need to figure it out now. Do you have any ideas?

  4. Faye on June 24, 2018 at 9:10 am

    Thank you, Jeff, for your insight and your journey with Cholesterol and lowering it.
    My LDL132 is high as with my total cholesterol 233.
    I know I like junk food too much, but I am trying to change and eat more fruits and vegetables, I still going to eat my junk food in small quantities once a week as a treat.
    I’ll try to exercise, but I find it hard since I’m working on my feet 8 hours a day on concrete and I do 10,000 to 12,000 steps a day or more depends on how busy I am.

    I am determined to try to improve.
    Thanks again. 🙂

    • Jeff on July 25, 2018 at 10:56 am

      Thanks for commenting Faye!
      I wish you the best!

  5. Willam L on April 9, 2018 at 2:35 pm


    Thank you very much for providing all your fine advice on diet to lower cholesterol. I feel like I cheated a little by following much of your diet plan.

    I am a 59 year old male in good health but at my annual physical exam right after Christmas 2017, my cholesterol test yielded 224. This is up from previous years readings that hovered just over 200 points (200- 206 range). I was eating relatively poorly; I had started eating eggs for breakfast a couple of months prior, and my sugar intake was high from holiday treats (cookies, cakes, …etc.). I was drinking a lot of fruit juice. I was eating fruits and vegetables and some non-fat but not enough to counter act the bad food.

    My doctor prescribed a statin medicine and I filled it, but just could not bring myself to take that first pill. I fell onto your article and used it as a guideline.

    Sugar was eliminated. I also researched and there is a mountain of data against sugar and artificial sweeteners. It is a bit difficult to eliminate sugar as it is contained in many foods which I did not realize.
    For example ketchup contains sugar. I also stopped drinking fruit juice or diluting it with water.

    Water is the best beverage.
    I also cut back on red meat (vegetable burgers are really good).
    No Salt
    No Dairy except for Skim Milk (or Almond or Soy Milk)

    Breakfast (good portions my main meal)
    I followed your breakfast advice I eat Oat Cereal (that look like O) and later a bowl of Old Fashioned Oatmeal. I mix in blueberries when not too expensive, also grapes, or bananas, or strawberries.
    Coffee – no sugar skim Milk (the only dairy I now use)
    I quit eating Yogurt.
    I eat another serving or two of fruits

    For lunch, a Salad, or Turkey meat, or a peanut butter sandwich on Oat Bread. I also cut white bread in any form. I used to eat Wheat now Oat Bran Bread.
    I use Avocado and/or Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a substitute for salad dressing and mayo. As often as possible.
    Sweet Potato or Lima Beans to supplement.

    Salmon 3 – 4 times per month. Try to get on sale.
    Sweet Potato, Salad, Avocado. I ate a lot of Lentils, and Lima beans.
    I cut way back on red meat, and pork. I will open a can of tuna fish and eat that at times.
    The tuna was mixed into the salad.
    Veggie Burgers often again. I acquired a taste for them.

    Snacks (important for me)
    Fruit to make at least 5 servings per day (Apples , Pears, Mango, Bananas)
    Lite Popcorn – no salt – no butter.
    Peanuts (unsalted).

    Water as beverage. Or Coffee.

    I increased my exercise by walking or running 6-7 days per week.

    We have a 1 year old dog so I have an exercise partner.

    Besides this exercise, I tried to “force” exercise by shoveling snow by hand vs. the snow blower, I cut some wood by hand and split, used the stairs vs. elevator for a couple flights, and so on.

    Well, thanks to your guidance, my cholesterol went from 224 to 145 when measured in late March (less than 100 days later). Again, it was skewed high in December, but even using the 205 range it was a substantial decrease.


    Total Cholesterol 145

    HDL Cholesterol 40
    Triglycerides 74
    LDL Cholesterol 90


    Total Cholesterol 224

    HDL Cholesterol 44
    Triglycerides 109
    LDL Cholesterol 158

    I am once again going to copy you and eat more Avocados (while staying the course on this diet). I would like to also increase my HDL Cholesterol a bit.

    I have been very regimented (especially vs. the December benchmark), I may cheat a very little every once and awhile, but not too often. I do not feel deprived.

    One other benefit my weight dropped from the 195 pound range to 182 pounds. I am 6 feet 1 inch, and weight was really not a factor, I was not trying to lose weight. This is the first diet I have ever been on in my life. This is new to me.

    Well, thanks so much for providing this diet guideline. It is appreciated.

    Best Regards,

    • Jeff on April 10, 2018 at 8:11 am

      hi Will,
      Looks like you’re doing great!
      You’re doing a better job than I am actually, but I am still doing pretty well.
      Mainly I avoid bread and carbs as much as I can.
      Also, I don’t eat oatmeal anymore, or at least very rarely.
      A lot of avocado, but not that much fruit.
      Like you said, the sugar which seems to be in everything, is good to avoid, but hard to avoid.
      And carbs (again everywhere) are hard to avoid.
      But it sure makes a difference!
      Not just in the cholesterol levels but in weight loss and in feeling better!
      Thanks for writing in.
      I hope you continue to do great!

  6. Allan Grubb on March 1, 2018 at 10:44 pm

    Cholesterol is so hard to understand I have got to the stage of accepting my outcome. I have just turned 67 ride my road bike over 1000ks every month I am 65 cm tall and 65.5 kilos and my latest cholesterol reading is 288 total, HDL 67 LDL 199.6, Triglyceride 107, I also eat very healthy foods.
    When I was taking statins 40mg tablets my cholesterol dropped down to 200 total but the side effects I did not like ( pain in arms and legs also some forgetfulness).I asked to be lowered to 20mg tablets but still had the side effects.Those latest readings are ones without statins for 6 months.So eating healthy keeping fit hasn’t worked for me but I feel really good I do not want to go back on statins as his hinders my lifestyle Stop worrying and enjoy is my motto.

    • Jeff on April 10, 2018 at 8:15 am

      Thanks for writing in Allan.
      I agree with you about not wanting to take statins.
      I really believe that one important thing to do is avoid carbs and sugar as much as possible.
      A simple way to do that is to avoid bread and candy (and canned goods) as much as you can.
      That’s what I do.
      Not worrying and enjoying life is a good motto too!
      Best of luck!

  7. Madona on January 17, 2018 at 10:29 am

    Thank you! good information and easy to follow.

  8. Derrick on November 11, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    I had a a had an acute heart attack on 8 Sept 2017 age 68. I had a healthy diet, drank litttle or no alcahol was not overweight, swam and went to the gym but did smoke cigarittos (cigarette size cigar type ciagarettes). At this time my Cholesterol was 6.8:1 one month later it was 6.15:1 this all in spite of reduced fat and salt diet, stopping smoking and exercising. 2 months on (8 Nov 2017) My cholesterol test ( taken at my farmacy) on a proper machine is 3.6:1. My HDL is still low at 44 but my triglycerides have dropped from 133 to 78. So, it seems if you just stick at it you will get the desired result. It does take a lot of will and determination. I have gone almost veggie, walk /run 5 miles a day. I can wear great fitting/ fashionable clothes, 30″ waist but the best thing is that I look and feel so much younger. If I coud post a photo on here you would not believe that I am 68.

    • Jeff on November 14, 2017 at 9:10 am

      Thanks for sharing your story Derrick. Best wishes to you!

  9. Peter Kim on October 22, 2017 at 4:26 pm

    Thanks for sharing. I have similar numbers as your 2012 one. The worse is my HDL number which is 42. I always have low HDL and high triglycer numbers all my life. I think I have lowered my LDL numbers thru diet but could never be able to up the HDL numbers. I’m curious how you could up the HDL numbers which was lowered after your first 6 months of diet and exercise. Thanks.

    • Jeff on November 14, 2017 at 9:11 am

      Thanks Peter, I had the same issue with HDL at first, but my latest check had higher HDL. My wife just told me last night that Dr Oz’s new book mentioned eating Avocados to raise HDL. We do eat them almost every day in a shake.

  10. Homeflash on October 17, 2017 at 6:08 am

    For the past years since I started taking Cholesterol tests (from 2012 to 2016) My Cholesterol was always borderline high the Min I could go was 202, and the Max went during those years was 234 in total. and last year my result was 218. I feel like it is genetic. I wasn’t sure if any diet plan would help. My doctor never prescribes any medicine for me because my blood pressure is normal.

    So this year I decided to do something seriously to lower my total Cholesterol.

    It begins when I felt a little chest pain. I was not sure if it is heart related. Then a churchmate of mine was undergoing Heart surgery. It was successfully by God’s grace. However, i didn’t want to go through surgery or anything like that. And I also skipped the doctor’s appointment about my chest pain. (I was thinking to observe a couple of more days to see if I really need to see a doctor about that)

    So I started exercising every day about 15 to 20 minutes. Stop eating pork, beef, chicken.
    I only went for seafood like salmon fish, sometimes shrimp too. I went for more vegetables. I ate watermelon daily. I took supplements .. they are as follows. Turmeric, Cinnamon, Milk Thistle, Artichoke extract (not a lot for this one), psyllium husk. And I also went for nuts like Almond daily.

    That has been going on for 3 months. And I finally got my result, and it was pleasing. I got the score of 181! and lost 37 points in total cholesterol! My bad ldl is still a little high, but total is very pleasing..

    Yes, if there is a will, there is a way to do it. And this is my cholesterol story.. Thanks for reading…

    • Jeff on November 14, 2017 at 9:13 am

      Thanks for commenting and telling your story! Sounds like you are on the right track!

  11. JDR on July 26, 2017 at 12:29 pm

    Hi. Your tips are inspirational. I’ve been on a bit of depression since the nurse called me 2 weeks ago about my results being high at 240 & to find out I can’t get in to an appointment until Sept. I’m on break now so I’ll revisit your site when I get home. Thank you for giving me hope.

    • Jeff on July 28, 2017 at 10:50 am

      Hi JDR – Thanks for your comment. I’m not a doctor (my wife is so that helps), but I cannot replace your doctor’s advice. However, I do know that eating and exercising can help. Everyone knows that, but eating the right things is the trick. So much mis-information out there. I eat eggs, dairy products, and red meat. I minimize bread and sugar. No soda pop. Minimize candy. No chips. Well sometimes I eat some of these things but mostly not. I’ll be posting my more current lipid level results soon. Oh, one more thing, I hate exercising, but I do a little a few times a week. just run the stairs at home, go for a walk sometimes. A little weight lifting. But not too much because then I’ll just skip it. Try to make it easy to do. Best of luck to you!

      • Veronica Smith on October 21, 2017 at 10:30 am

        Congratulations on bringing your numbers to a healthy range. I am with you on doing it without medications and plain old taking proper care of one’s self. I am a 52, female and was taken aback reading my latest results. While I dropped all numbers to healthy range, my HDL dropped from 65 to 49. It’s not terrible but borderline, 50 being desirable. I eat clean now, exercise regularly (always have), no health issues but I am stumped. Any input on this?

        • Jeff on November 14, 2017 at 9:12 am

          Thanks for commenting Veronica! Seems like a lot of people are asking about how to raise HDL. My wife just told me last night that Dr Oz’s new book mentioned eating Avocados to raise HDL. We do eat them almost every day in a shake. I believe exercise helps too! I do exercise lightly but not every day.

    • Jeff on November 14, 2017 at 9:14 am

      Thanks for your comment Josie!

  12. Laura Stewart on July 16, 2017 at 11:20 am

    Cholesterol is so confusing to me. I am fighting, but not sure if I am winning the battle. Last Dec, my total cholesterol was 262: hdl 87, ldl 154, tri 104, ratio: 3.0. For the last 6 months, I have been trying to increase exercise and change my diet up a bit. I have eliminated bacon, eggs, pancakes, fried foods; I ate B&E at least 3 times/wk! Increased intake of garlic, avocado, nuts, fiber. I already ate a rich diet of chicken and fish (salmon & tuna) and fruits–very limited beef. I lost 20 pounds. To my surprise, my total cholesterol only went down to 246 after 6 months. Ugh! I have always had a total cholesterol of >199 since my first testing 30 years ago. Heart disease is in my family. I struggle to take my vitamins on a regular basis; I don’t want to go on meds. Help? Suggestions for me?

    • Jeff on July 28, 2017 at 10:58 am

      hi Laura,
      Thanks for your comment!
      Looks like your ldl is high but the other numbers are not so bad. If you look up how to lower LDL you’ll find advice about eating less saturated fat and more fiber rich foods. You might be interested in information from these 2 doctors (it’s what I follow): and . Best of luck to you!!!

  13. Jeff Meland on June 30, 2017 at 10:18 am

    Thanks for your comments. I’ll be updating this article with new info soon.

  14. John Varadi on March 21, 2017 at 6:10 pm

    I’m a 41 yo and my total cholesterol was 326 in December, 2015 after being borderline high throughout most of my life (since teenage years). This was while on a statin although I had stopped the statin for about a week. After completely changing my eating lifestyle (eating primarily fruits, veggies, tofu, beans and oatmeal, cutting out all processed foods and losing 25 lbs, in addition to get more exercise, my total cholesterol in July of 2016 was 114. LDL was 72. My other numbers were all normal as well. Diet and exercise can make a huge difference, at least for me, but you can do it temporarily. It has to be a lifestyle, not a diet.

    • Denise Varadi on June 25, 2017 at 8:54 am

      It is good to know that changing your lifestyle made such a huge difference. I was taken off Lipitor after my bloodwork was a little off. Now my cholesterol is pretty bad and has to be addressed.

  15. victorblackman on January 26, 2017 at 2:54 pm

    I have high cholestrol

  16. Sergey on January 5, 2017 at 8:37 pm

    Jeff, thank you for sharing your story. My cholesterol was 246 and LDL was 171. I followed a similar diet for 2 months and it dropped to 232 and 160 which gives me the indication that I am on the right track and may get similar results to your over 6 months. Your article was posted a couple of years ago. Are you still keeping the diet and is your cholesterol still dropping? Does it ever hit the point where no matter what diet you keep it will just stay at that level? The reason I am asking is that I can probably keep my diet for another 6 months to get my numbers under 200 for cholesterol and under 130 for LDL but I am really depriving myself of everything: red meat, cheese, butter, sweets. It is not much fun not enjoy things you love.

    • Jeff on January 8, 2017 at 5:56 pm

      hi Sergey,
      thanks for writing.
      I’m not always keeping to my diet, but always conscious of it.
      Mostly I try to avoid sugar and bread, processed food, carbs.
      I have not checked my cholesterol for a while, but will be doing so soon.
      I will post again after that.
      I still believe that eating meat and cheese is OK, much better than sugar and bread.
      Also, moderation is a compromise, a little bit of bread or sweets is maybe OK sometimes.

    • yvonne on September 18, 2017 at 9:03 pm

      get taurine 1000mg look it up i dropped 55 pts in 6 mths

      • Jeff on November 14, 2017 at 9:13 am

        Thanks Yvonne!

  17. shakirah on December 31, 2016 at 11:58 am

    Thanks for the helping. During my early twenties, I had my cholesterol tested and The result was high(I can’t remember the value). Recently about two weeks ago and I had it redone and total cholesterol was 237. I am scared because I love meat etc. I keep wanting to stop and I keep telling myself this is the last time only to eat a little the next day. I keep asking myself if I’m waiting for something to happen before I start to take care of my health. I have been having occasional pain in my chest and when this happens, my mind goes straight to the cholesterol. How can I discipline my self? Thanks.

    • Jeff on January 2, 2017 at 3:07 pm

      In my opinion sugar is worse than meat. A little exercise is beneficial too.

  18. Jean on January 5, 2016 at 8:37 am

    I am 59 and cholesterol is 243. I care for a husband with Alzheimer’s which is stressfull. I quit a job 2 years ago due to husbands condition. I need help on lowering my ldl and hdl

    • Jeff on January 5, 2016 at 2:30 pm

      Thanks for your comment Jean. I think the basic advice to help lower cholesterol is to try get a little more exercise, don’t smoke, don’t eat foods with trans fat, high sat. fat, and high sugar, and eat more foods that have been reported to lower cholesterol like avocados, fish, nuts, etc (the Mediterranean diet). I think the low carb diet is helpful too (wheat belly book). Also, consider the details of your cholesterol levers like LDL, HDL, VLDL, and the C-Reactive protein test. The detail numbers may be more important that the total cholesterol number. Best of luck to you!

  19. none on August 5, 2015 at 12:13 am

    The truth is this.
    Science proves that total cholestetol below 150 never have heart attacks (Framinham Nurses study).
    If your LDL is above 70 you form plaque in arteries – the more LDL the worse especially if triglycerides are high since that correlates with very small LDL particle size.
    If your LDL is below 70 you cannot build artery plaque and you can reverse the plaques you already formed. (studies by Dr Esselstyn et al).
    There are people in Africa who eat plant based diets whose LDL never goes higher than 65. That is the real “normal”.
    We have industtialized foods and eat far too much meat.
    Cut out dairy, fish, and meats and eggs or you will never get LDL lower than 70.
    Go VEGAN but only if you take vitamin B12 and a multiple vitamin and fish oil. Remember VEGAN is not natural so uou need the vitamims.
    I know Vegans with cholesterol total in 80’s.
    I am vegan and my total cholesterol is 84 but i also take statin. LDL is 37. TG is 54
    HDL is 36

  20. Mauro on July 17, 2015 at 11:23 am

    Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve just created a blog about healthy lifestyles with some articles about my “cholesterol experience”, which is similar to the one you wrote in your blog. Also my LDL and total cholesterol level decreased when I stopped eating certain food, but my HDL remained unchanged in spite of running and exercise (probably not enough). My diet presents some differences if compared with yours, as I live in the Mediterranean area, where carbohydrates like pasta and white bread have always been a significant part of our daily diet (I cannot imagine what I can eat here as a substitute for pasta!). Keep up the good job!

  21. Jane on March 12, 2015 at 9:21 pm

    Thanks for your cholesterol story! I, too, wanted to lower my cholesterol without statins, so six months ago I started my new exercise routine on my treadmill of 3 miles per day on a 7.5 incline, and drinking a full glass of fiber every evening. My total cholesterol dropped from 206 to 199; HDL went up from 51 to 63 and LDL dropped from 140 to 118. I suspect it was the combination of both exercise and fiber that got my numbers into normal range. Whatever, I’m happy!

    • Jeff on March 13, 2015 at 9:34 am

      Good to hear Jane. Thanks for sharing!

    • Avik on August 2, 2018 at 10:49 am

      Its encouraging. What glass of fiber u used to have. What’s status now ?

  22. Lucy on June 9, 2014 at 2:45 pm

    Thank you very much for your help – this article has really helped me. Its nice to hear from someone who has actually reduced their cholesterol naturally.

  23. keladi tikus on November 19, 2013 at 4:32 pm

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate
    your efforts and I will be waiting for your next write ups thanks once again.

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