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LDL Cholesterol that’s not bad for you

Cholesterol has been blamed for heart disease. There’s no doubt about that.

But is cholesterol really to blame? Some researchers now claim that consuming sugar is much worse than consuming cholesterol and saturated fat.

There is debate about the sub types of LDL cholesterol. Actually it’s sub types of Low Density Lipoprotein. Cholesterol is actually contained within the LDL molecules.

There are 3 sub types of low density lipoprotein each varying in size and density. Small dense LDL particles are called Pattern B. They increase the risk of heart disease. The larger, less dense particles are called pattern A. The pattern A particles are believed to be less harmful. There is also a pattern I for intermediate.

Apparently subtype B LDL particles are harmful because they are involved with plaque formation in the arteries. Consuming sugar (and carbohydrates which turn into sugar in the bloodstream) contributes to the plaque formation.

So here again, some are saying that sugar may contribute to heart disease.

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