I know what you’re thinking. Red meat. Steak, prime rib, hamburgers, etc. Avoid bacon and eggs too.

I have to say. After all the research I’ve done over the past several months, my idea of what not to eat has changed.

It’s not so much red meat anymore. That’s not what I’m avoiding. It’s carbohydrates and sugar.

UPDATE: A while back I realized that orange juice will raise your blood sugar quite a lot. I no longer drink orange juice.

healthy-foodBut avoiding foods is only half of it. Which foods are beneficial is the other half. Foods high in fiber and nutrients are the ones to look for. My short list is blueberries, oatmeal, fruit, vegetables, nuts, fish, steak, eggs, and some supplements. I avoid white bread, chips, soda pop, cookies, crackers, candy, cake (most of the time), and pretty much anything that I know has sugar in it. I also avoid processed foods as much as possible.

I came across a short article today that talks about the cholesterol myth. It’s called “The 8 Biggest Myths about Cholesterol”.

Some of the points in this article are quite interesting. Cholesterol is neither the cause of heart disease nor a good predictor of heart attacks. Lowering cholesterol will not prolong your life. Saturated fat (red meat) is not dangerous. A high cholesterol level does NOT shorten your lifespan. A high-carbohydrate diet may increase the risk of heart disease.

What? A high-carbohydrate diet may increase the risk of heart disease?

From the material I’ve read I understand that consuming carbohydrates increases blood sugar levels which causes inflammation in arteries which can then cause heart disease.

What’s more, consuming fat and cholesterol apparently does not mean that your blood cholesterol levels will rise.

There appears to be two different and conflicting views on what to do about preventing heart disease.

One view, the most common, is to avoid consuming fat and cholesterol.

The second view, which is certainly not as well known, is to avoid sugar and carbohydrates. And don’t worry so much about consuming fat and cholesterol in your diet.

The bad thing about this is that you have to make a choice. And your health depends on it!

The good thing is that many of the recommendations for both of these views overlap. Everyone agrees that trans fat is bad and should be avoided. Everyone agrees that more exercise is good. Everyone agrees that moderation is good. Even if you say it’s OK to eat steak and eggs, don’t over do it!

So where are the discrepancies? Let’s try make a list. The degree to which these items are discrepancies may vary.

Red meat – This may be the main one. If you believe consuming saturated fat is bad you’d avoid red meat. If you think sugar is to blame for heart disease, and not dietary fat, then red meat is OK.

Eggs – Eggs contain a lot of nutrients. The only bad thing about them is they contain a lot of cholesterol in the yolk. If you believe consuming cholesterol may contribute to heart disease you’d avoid eggs. Actually eggs are not considered as bad for the heart as they once were.

Candy and sweets – Even those who believe consuming fat is to blame for heart disease would agree that candy and sweets are not healthy. However, they may not really believe that eating candy and sugar can contribute to heart disease.

Processed food – Things like factory made cookies and cakes. Frozen dinners and frozen pizzas. These are foods that may be considered find by those who blame heart disease on fat. But processed foods are a huge menace to avoid by those who don’t think fat consumption is the main cause.

Which side are you on? What do you think is the main cause of heart disease? Eating fat? Or eating sugar?

There’s a lot of information about this online. Check my blog to read more. Or just google it. You’ll find more information than you can possible read.

If you’d like some specific and easy tips on how to avoid heart disease check this article on my website: Easy ways to lower cholesterol

If you’d like more proof about the “sugar causes heart disease” theory take a look at the book by Dr Dwight Lundell on the subject.


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    This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that is at the other blogs.

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