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Bicycling has been proven to provide many positive effects on the health of ones heart. One main benefit of cycling is that it contributes to the control of many of the risk factors for heart disease. The American Heart Association endorses bicycling for prevention of heart disease.

A regular cycling exercise routine can help to:

• Reduce blood pressure
• Decrease the risk of developing diabetes
• Increase flexibility of the arterial walls of the cardiovascular system
• The reduction of stress hormones which put extra burden on the cardio system
• Lower inflammation within the body

Biking Helps the Heart

Biking Helps the Heart

During moderate bicycling, the heart is forced to beat faster in order to keep up with the body’s demand for oxygen. Over time the heart gets stronger and can pump more blood per cycle, this equates to a lower resting pulse. For example, an person in excellent shape may only need one half the number of heartbeats per minute that an sedentary person needs to push the same amount of blood through the entire body. Professional cyclists’ hearts are so strong that they display abnormally low resting heart rates.

The blood vessels surrounding the heart gain benefits as well, cycling increases arterial flexibility and reduces the stiffness. The more flexible an artery is, the better its ability to dilate which lowers the chance of high blood pressure which is associated with heart disease.

Also, cycling breaks down fat tissue found in arterial walls and increases circulation allowing nutrients to flow through the body faster and again lowers blood pressure.
A number of published case study reports document that people who regularly bicycle are less likely to suffer from a heart attack or other life-altering cardiac episode.

Many people who are unfit, obese, or very old in age can benefit from cycling and know that cycling can be a great exercise for the heart. However many do not choose cycling for exercise because of the difficulty presented when climbing hills and the challenge of maintaining a moderate pace over a sustained period of time.

An ideal option to those who may otherwise disregard cycling as a way to improve their cardiovascular system is to buy an electric bike. Electric bikes give the option of power-on-demand, to give that extra boost and give the heart and lungs a break on hills or long inclines. With the option of electric power assist bikes, many people can include cycling into their exercise routine and they too can experience the benefits of a healthy heart.

Rich Coffman is a blogger on the front range of Colorado, he is also a contributor to

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