I just read a blog post on Dr Jonny Bowden’s webiste called “The 2 Worst Foods in the World”. So I thought I’d pass it along on my blog as well. With today being Christmas eve day these 2 foods are probably not what you’re thinking about eating now. But they are commonly consumed by many people on a daily basis.

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These two worst foods are soda pop and french fries. Just avoiding these two foods permanently would likely improve anyone’s health.

Why are these foods so bad?

French Fries & Soda

French Fries & Soda

The worst thing about french fries is that they are deep fried in oils that may be harmful to your health. Many restaurants reuse oil many times before discarding it. Reusing oil damages it chemically and makes it less safe to eat. It is believed that trans fat and carcinogens may be present in vegetable oils that are reused and reheated several times.

It’s not so much that the potato is bad, it’s mainly the oil that the potato is cooked in.

Soda is unhealthy because of the sugar it contains. High fructose corn syrup, or sugar, is everywhere in the American diet. Especially in soda pop. Consuming too much sugar can contribute to the onset of diabetes and heart disease according to many experts.

Diet soda doesn’t contain the sugar that regular soda does but it has artificial sweeteners that are not likely very healthy.

I know from personal experience that after you’ve gone without soda and french fries for a few weeks you won’t have a craving for it. I never drink soda anymore. And I rarely eat french fries.

Looking for a simple way to be healthier? Avoid soda and french fries. It’s easy to remember and even easier on your health!

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