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Trans Fat in Oreo Cookies?

I came across a website that’s all about trans fat. Lots of good information. Usually we think about fatty foods being meat. But trans fat has traditionally been mostly in baked goods and fast food. This website I mentioned is all about getting trans fat outlawed. The discovery that trans fat is unhealthy is relatively new. The folks at this website launched the national and international trans fat campaign by suing Kraft in 2003 to eliminate trans fat in Oreos. As a result Kraft has eliminated trans fat from Oreos and many other products.

It has been reported that the trans fat in Oreo cookies was replaced with non-hydrogenated vegetable oil in 2006. I searched a little deeper because I was wondering if there still might be some trans fat in them. Products that contain less than .5 grams of trans fat per serving can label their product as having zero grams of trans fat. One serving may be one cookie, but who eats just one Oreo cookie?

After searching for a while I could not find anything that revealed trans fat in Oreo cookies. One article suggested that there may still be trans fat present because part of the recipe is secret. So I’m not certain that there is absolutely no trans fat in Oreo cookies. You can be sure that Oreo cookies are not exactly healthy though. But we all know that already. Sugar, sodium, and saturated fat are present in Oreo cookies.

In following a heart healthy diet I would not eat Oreo cookies or most other baked goods. A cookie or desert consumed once in a while is fine, but avoid those things as much as possible.

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