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Jeff. Researching cholesterolTo prevent heart disease, heart attack, and to lower your cholesterol you need to know a lot of things. Studying and learning is part of the process. The world is full of information. But there’s so much of it. Where do you start?

This page is a compilation of the best resources I have found. I have read everything I recommend. I won’t recommend products that I don’t believe in. I only recommend the best things I find.

Also, to be totally honest, I earn a commission on some of the products that I recommend. You may find some of these products elsewhere but the price will very likely be the same. No matter where you purchase them, I feel very confident in recommending these items.

Crunch Cholesterol
This book is called “Crunch Cholesterol”. It’s very well written and informative. Easy to read and understand. It has excellent explanations about what cholesterol numbers mean. Well worth reading!


From the author…
“… the fastest and easiest way to lower cholesterol without drugs or a yucky diet. And YES, you can enjoy most of your favorite foods – with some sneaky little twists – and still see a HUGE drop in your cholesterol levels while you clean out those junked-up arteries. No bland, boring diets. No side effects. No problem.” Check out Crunch Cholesterol here

Heart Health Made Easy
Master the Basics to Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol for a Longer, Healthier Life.

lisa nelson lower cholesterolFrom the author: “Could it Really Be THIS Easy to Lower Your Cholesterol From 220 to 161 and Your Blood Pressure to 120/80 Or Below… Without Using Any Expensive Medications?”

I’ve corresponded with Lisa via email a few times. Besides the course she offers here, she also consults with people and helps them lower their cholesterol and get healthier. Lisa is a registered dietitian. The product is excellent. It’s in electronic downloadable format.
Click here for more info on Heart Health Made Easy

The Great Cholesterol Lie
This is a great book. It is about inflammation and it’s effect on heart disease. Besides the main topic about inflammation it offers simple steps to lower heart disease risk. It’s a very interesting book to read!

bookThe author says, “In my career as a cardiac surgeon, I’ve performed over 5,000 heart surgeries. Most of these could have been easily prevented had the patients been given the right information.”

The topic is controversial as it argues about the real cause of heart disease being inflammation rather than dietary fat and cholesterol.

There is a lot of great information in this book that’s helpful and consistent with other research.

The book is written by an experienced heart surgeon. It’s easy to read and packed full of great information and advice. I highly recommend it. The book is an instantly downloadable ebook.

If you’re interested in cholesterol and heart health, and how to avoid heart disease that millions have endured, then I highly recommend this eBook. The Great Cholesterol Lie

100 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats
A great book with a lot of healthy snack recipes…

100-healthy-raw-snacks-bigFrom the author:
Fast Food Doesn’t Have To Mean Junk Food. If You’re Eating On The Run, Or Fighting Off A Snack Attack, You Have Alternatives. And I’m NOT Talking About Rice Cakes!

Click here to see the book: 100 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats

Your Plate, Your Fate
A seven book package, this is a recipe for lifelong health and weight loss.

your-plate-your-fateMinimize your risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease eating better.

The series includes information on 5 main topics.

Inflammation: The Quiet Killer – Inflammation helps your body defend against invaders and repair injuries. But chronic inflammation is different. This quiet killer is the cornerstone of degenerative disease and physical aging. The good news is that the three primary causes of chronic inflammation are completely within your control. You’ll learn what they are… and dozens of delicious ways to tame the flames.

Glycation: A Sticky Situation – When you consume too many carbohydrates or foods prepared in a certain way, compounds called advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs) form. These sticky molecules speed up the aging process and cause a steady deterioration of your health. The good news is that it can be easy to guard against AGEs. You’ll learn the tasty ways to protect yourself.

Oxidation: The Radical Robber – The average cell in your body is attacked by more than 10,000 free radicals every day. This “oxidation”
process is perfectly natural. But left unchecked, it can lead to rapid physical aging and chronic disease. You’ll learn how to guard your precious cells with delicious, antioxidant-rich foods… and how to get your body to make more of its own antioxidant artillery.

Depletion: The Silent Sapper – Researchers have shown that a deficiency of many key nutrients can mimic the same damage to your DNA as observed from exposure to radiation! If your body is missing nutrients, your health will suffer… Guaranteed! Learn why many of the plants and animal products we eat are nutritionally bankrupt… and how to get more bang from of every bite!

Toxification: The Body Burdened – While the nutrients in our foods are decreasing, our exposure to harmful toxins is increasing. From the chemicals in our food and water, to the medicines we take and the products we put on our skin – our liver is on overload, and our health is paying the price. These toxins can cause disease, impair immunity, damage your hormonal system and even cause you to store fat. But there is a pollution solution. With good choices, you can keep the poison off your plate and put your internal detox machinery in high gear.

And more from the author:
In our 7-book series, you’ll get hundreds of tips on how you can put prevention into practice.

You will receive life-saving information and advice, all of it research-driven and scientifically proven.

You will have not only the knowledge, but the tools to change your lifestyle… and your life! This is exactly what you need to make dramatic and rapid changes to your health and body. All you have to do is follow along.

Click here to check “Your Plate Your Fate”

Guilt Free Deserts
A book packed full of tasty recipes that are actually healthy and non fattening!

Guilt-Free-Desserts-3D-LargeFrom the author:
Just imagine biting into a luxuriously rich, sweet chocolate cake that (serving for serving) provides more fiber than whole grain cereal, more protein than chicken, less sugar than an apple and fewer calories than a serving of yogurt.
Click here to check it out

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