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Eat an Apple to Lower Cholesterol

A new report from “USA Weekend” who partnered with the TV show “The Doctors” advised eating an apple a day for 4 weeks may lower your bad (LDL) cholesterol. The article says that apples are a good source of soluble fiber, that being the main ingredient that helps lower cholesterol. Soluble fiber actually helps minimize…

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Super Healthy Smoothie for Lower Cholesterol

This smoothie is great for lowering your cholesterol. It tastes super great too! Super Smoothie Ingredients Strawberries Bananas Ice Water Apples Avocado Spinach Chia Seeds Wow. a great Smoothie that is really healthy! Especially great for heart health!

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A Heart Healthy Salad

Here’s a short video showing a great heart healthy salad we recently put together. It’s super healthy and tastes great too! Check out the recipe for a Super Healthy Smoothie And take a look at the Heart Healthy Flatbread Pizza too! The recipe is from a book called The healthy kitchen by Andrew Weil, MD…

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Avoid These 2 Worst Foods

I just read a blog post on Dr Jonny Bowden’s webiste called “The 2 Worst Foods in the World”. So I thought I’d pass it along on my blog as well. With today being Christmas eve day these 2 foods are probably not what you’re thinking about eating now. But they are commonly consumed by…

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10 Best Foods To Eat For Health And Your Hair

This is a guest article written by Manilyn Moreno. Though not about heart health it discusses foods that are recommended for heart health. How you look does so much in making you feel great. Hair is one part of the body that people often notice at the first sight. Keeping your hair thick, healthy, and…

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What I’m doing to Lower My Cholesterol

A few years ago my cholesterol level was in the mid range between 200-240. It was 204 if I remember right. Recently I discovered my level is in the high range. It’s about 243. It’s time to make some changes. Over the past few years I’ve tried to eat healthier. I admit I haven’t tried…

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