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Another Study Supports the Mediterranean Diet

The New England Journal of Medicine, on Monday, released the results of a study that supports the heart health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. The study compared 3 groups over about 5 years. One group was given olive oil supplements, another group supplemented their diet with walnuts and almonds, and the third group, the control…

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Top Foods To Avoid To Prevent Heart Disease

I know what you’re thinking. Red meat. Steak, prime rib, hamburgers, etc. Avoid bacon and eggs too. I have to say. After all the research I’ve done over the past several months, my idea of what not to eat has changed. It’s not so much red meat anymore. That’s not what I’m avoiding. It’s carbohydrates…

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Are Vitamin Supplements Necessary?

So you feel pretty good about having taken vitamins for years. Think about how healthy you are because of all those vitamin pills you swallowed. But wait. You hear a news report that says vitamin pills are a waste of money. Or someone says that most people already get enough vitamins in their diet. Worse…

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What Can We Do To Avoid Heart Disease?

As I continue researching heart disease I’m sometimes surprised by what I learn. For example, some kinds of vegetable oil are considered very bad by some experts, and olive oil is always recommended. I never thought potato chips or french fries were so bad, but they really are pretty bad for heart health. Here are…

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What I’m doing to Lower My Cholesterol

A few years ago my cholesterol level was in the mid range between 200-240. It was 204 if I remember right. Recently I discovered my level is in the high range. It’s about 243. It’s time to make some changes. Over the past few years I’ve tried to eat healthier. I admit I haven’t tried…

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