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Cholesterol is good for you

There seems to be a growing trend in the debate about cholesterol and heart disease. We’ve been led to believe that cholesterol is bad. But what is cholesterol? According to the American Heart Association cholesterol itself isn’t bad. It actually… Continue reading

Ways to Lower Cholesterol

There are various ways to lower cholesterol. It’s easier for some people than others. Some people are genetically disposed to having high cholesterol. Older people tend to have higher cholesterol than when they were younger. People who eat unhealthy diets… Continue reading

Lower Your Cholesterol with Oatmeal

Did you know that eating oatmeal can lower your cholesterol? It’s always nice when you can get benefit from eating more of something instead of having to give something up.

oatmealOatmeal is like a miracle drug. One and a half… Continue reading

Top 10 Foods to Lower Cholesterol

Some foods are known to raise cholesterol. Some are known to lower cholesterol. Replace the bad foods with the good foods. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Most of us know unhealthy food when we see it. But… Continue reading

Easy Ways to Lower Cholesterol

Here’s a good strategy. If you want to lower your cholesterol levels start with the easy ways. You’re more likely to continue with these good habits because they’re easy.

Easy Way 1
Eat a cup of oatmeal most mornings for… Continue reading

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